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If youre holding a workshop, conference, exhibition or training session that you would like filmed as future training options for staff then Get Reel Productions can help.


Benefits of filming:


* Make the content of your session available to staff or clients who could not attend in person


* Cost effective way to ensure all staff and clients receive the information or training provided from an online resource or dvd that you take ownership of (including full copyright ownership)


* If youre spending good money on key guest speakers why not preserve the presentation for future employees of your business.


* Hiring a camera team and post production staff is generally the equavalent of sending 2 staff members when you factor in transport, accomadation and meals as well as registrations.


* If you are organizing the conference or training a completed video production is a great way of showcasing the work that youre doing and adds a professional edge to your event.


* A great way to refresh on the information at a later date.


* We use high quality audio options so that every word is recorded in crystal clear format and is overlayed onto the video in post editing. We can mic your speakers or plug into an existing  PA/Audio system.


* We can produce as many copies as you require


* The best part is you own the copyright! this means you can distribute, market or even onsell the product for commercial purposes.


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