Highlight/Teaser Reels

Included free in most packages


Highlight reels are by far the most popular production we offer. They’re a 15 minute grab of your special occasion and are edited tightly to keep the viewer engrossed. 15 minute highlight reels will capture your event but break it down to a snappy 15-30  minute production which makes it great for sharing with family and friends who may not want to sit through a full length production. They can include music, interviews, titles, artistically filmed shoots where the camera operator uses creative license and it’s all shot on cinema quality Sony Video Cameras ensuring your highlight reel looks like the trailer for a Hollywood Blockbuster.


Includes 1 camera 1 operator

1 x 15 -20 min max teaser/ highlight reel

Cost $300


Or 2 cameras 2 operators

1 x 15 - 30min max teaser/highlight reel

Cost $450



Wedding Highlight Reel

VHS updated from 1996 to DVD/USB Highlight Reel

Personalised USB stick available