SOCOM (Social Commentary) is a concept I developed to try to address the generation gap between my teenage daughter and myself. It's designed to be entertaining (we hope) rather than informative. The main thing I can say about SOCOM is we have a lot of fun making it!



Shannon Bishop is just one of those kids you want to smack. Good at literally everything she tries her hand at including music, sport, school and she's hilariously funny too. We had been threatening Shannon with an episode of SOCOM for some time and last week we finally made it happen. Please do check out her facebook pages as she really is a talented and awesome young lady. 

Episode 1

Episode 2 - Part 1

The Wingman

Bonding Session Part 1

Episode 2 - Part 2

Episode 3

Bonding Session Part 2

Storytellers - Guest Meleesa

Episode 4 

Episode 5 

Tapestries of the Heart

Crazy Festivals

Episode 6 

Episode 7 

Teenage Boys

Guest - Reid

Local Celebrity

Guest - Shannon Bishop