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Sporting Events, Deb balls, Concerts and More!


We can capture that special moment or event in full HD defination for you to view and enjoy after celebrating! For drama or concerts we can also organise pre filming before the big night to ensure that everything runs smoothly and the footage can be used for promotional purposes. All packages include a full length DVD plus a short "teaser" reel which is perfect for family and friends or for promotion.

  Sporting Events

Includes pre game interviews, the full game and after match celebrations. 2-3 cameras including a GoPro which can be used on field where allowable. Maximum filming time 5 hours 2 operators


1 x full length DVD (maximum 3 hours)

1 x highlghts DVD (maximum 15 mins)


Cost from $600


   Debutante Ball

Includes footage at home of Debutante getting ready, interviews with the family, full footage of the debutantes being presented, the dances and relaxed shots of the deb and her partner mingling with guests. 1 camera 1 operator


1x full length DVD (max 2 hours)

3 x "teaser" DVD (max 15 mins) for family and friends


Cost $1000 per group (up to 10 debs plus partners)


Also available - Photo portrait prior and during the deb $250 per booking

 Drama ProductionI'm another title

Includes full filming of your production (maximum 3 hours) 2 cameras and 2 operators interviews with the cast, audience feedback interviews and after party if applicable.


1 x full length DVD of your production with interviews and after party (max 3 hours)

1 x "teaser" DVD (max 15 mins) that can be used for promotion purposes


Cost from $600

    Dance Concert

Includes full filming of your dance concert, pre concert interviews with dancers titles and chapters. (max 3 hours filming)


1 x full length DVD of your dance concert

1 x teaser DVD (15 mins max)


Cost from $500 1 operator 1 camera


Cost from $800 2-3 cameras 2 operators




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