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Editing Services


Let us edit your own holiday or special occasion footage or restore your old VHS videos and photos onto the latest digital media to ensure it lasts for generations to come. No need for multiple photo albums or space for storing all those VHS casettes. We will place all your pics and videos onto one hard drive which you can view easily on a computer or TV.

Already have the video footage?


Have you been on holidays or to a wonderful event that you captured yourself on your own video camera or smart phone? Let us take the hard work out of the final product by editing it for you with our industry quality software. Let us really put the gloss on your finished product and provide you with a complete product saving you hours in the editing room


Packages include a full edited version of your clips as well as a short "teaser" version which is great for family and friends to sample a taste of your wonderful occasion.


Cost $25 per hour - Average time is 4-6 hours editing for a 2-3 hour completed film using your own video footage


Optional Purchase of external Hardrive to store your precious film starting at $120 for 1TB

Photo Collages


Do you have a 21st or other special occasion that you would like to make a video collage of all your old photos? Simply send them to us and let us do the work of editing them and bringing them to life in a beautiful photo DVD. Titles and special effects included as well as enhancing of old photos.

Let us do the hard work and you can sit back and enjoy the show!

Great gift ideas for 18th, 21st, wedding anniversarys and Grandma and Grandpa


Cost $25 per hour - Average time is 2-3 hours editing for a 10-15 minute finished product

Please note: Additional time and charges will apply for photos that are not in digital form and require scanning. Upon completion you will receive digital copies of your old photographs at no extra charge.

Convert your old VHS video or your old photographs to DVD/CD USB or external Hard Drive


One of the most time consuming chores is converting your old video and photographs to modern digital versions. Finding a VHS video recorder can be hard these days and those precious old photographs will eventually feel the strains of time. Let us preserve your precious memories by transferring them onto digital media so that you and your loved ones can enjoy them for generations to come. Save on storage space also!


Cost $30 an hour - We only charge for the time it takes us to prepare your old video and photos not for the time it takes to transfer them. We provide a ballpark quote (within $60) once we have received your items for editing.


Optional purchase of an external harddrive to store your precious video and photos starting at $120 for 1TB

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