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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy

By viewing this website you agree to respect the privacy and content held within. You may not copy any content from this site without GetReel managements explicit written consent. Breach of this policy will be deemed a breach of copyright laws and will be prosecuted as such.

By reading these policies and continuing to view the website GetReel Productions accepts that you agree to the listed Terms Of Use.

If you do not agree to the policies outlined in this terms of use document do not proceed with viewing this website


We try to maintain and update this site regularly so that all pricing and content is current and up to date. We reserve the right to change pricing and packages at any time. For an exact pricing on your preferred package we strongly suggest you contact us directly.



Privacy Policy. 

GetReel Productions does not store any identifying information from website visitors. While navigating this site you will not receive spam or phishing mail nor will the site collect any personal information in regards to you except in the instance that you use the CONTACT US Tab  and willingly provide details. These details will be used solely for the purpose of communicating information directly to you as per your enquiry and will be stored for a period of 12 months for the purpose that you should decide to proceed in commissioning  GetReel Productions for a video project. Information that is collected from this site relates to traffic volumes and is completely non identifiable.


By Commissioning GetReel productions to film and produce your product you agree as oulined in the Terms and conditions document for GetReel Productions to display samples of work that may feature you and or your family and friends. Where possible GetReel productions will endeavour to protect your identity and the only details that will be published that relate to you personally will be Christian names.


Please note: GetReel Productions will always endeavour to protect your identity and privacy as much as possible but locations and faces will clearly be shown. Where possible GetReel productions will endeavour to contact you to advise that we are using your footage for promotional purposes and also advise where it will be used. This notice will expire after 12 months of your filming date but we will do our best to still advise you where possible. GetReel productions clearly outline further information pertaining to this in our services Terms and conditions

Terms of Use.

This site is designed for the intended use of perspective customers of GetReel Productions and for GetReel productions to showcase their work. You may not use this site to copy content or ideas in any way, shape or form. Any breach of this will be prosecuted under copyright laws. You may not use this site to breach the confidentialty of GetReel customers who have consented or have not consented to the use of their video clips or photographs being displayed. Failure to comply with privacy terms will result in legal reporting and where applicable legal action. 


Meagan McGregor

Managing Director

Get Reel Productions 2014

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