Upgrade your old VHS tapes to DVD and USB

If youre like me, you probably have a lot of VHS tapes gathering dust at the back of a closet somewhere. These tapes hold precious and irreplaceable memories but you can no longer enjoy them because you dont have a VCR.
Get Reel Productions offer a VHS upgrade service so that your memories will be preserved for generations to come.
We will convert your VHS tapes on to both DVD and USB.
We will also do a straight copy of the full tape as well as a flashy highlight reel that will showcase the best parts of the tapes to make a highly viewable and enjoyable finished product.
Cost can vary depending on quality of the VHS but generally it is $50 per VHS tape and we offer a bulk discount if you do more than 3 at one time. Contact us for more information on 0438 615 077
My wedding day 1996 condensed to a 35 min reel from a 4 hour full length. It was shot by friends so a lot of bad camera work but I think that adds character